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2016-03 期刊論文 公司本益比和產業平均本益比之間的偏離程度與橫斷面股票報酬: 風險或行為? 陳立文、余歆儀、紀怡禎


Review of Securities and Futures Markets

2015- 期刊論文 Revisiting the earnings–price effect: The importance of future earnings Chen, Li-Wen, Hsin-Yi Yu, and Hsu-Huei Huang Finance Research Letters
2014-12 研討會論文 Investor Attention, Visual Price Pattern, and Momentum Investing Chen, Li-Wen*, Wen-Kai Wang, and Hsin-Yi Yu
2012-12 研討會論文 Corporate Disclosure of Customer Information and Average Stock Returns Li-Wen Chen, Hsin-Yi Yu*, and Chia-Tien (Kelly) Hsieh
2012-05 期刊論文 Corporate governance, political involvement and firm performance: An empirical investigation in Japan and Taiwan Hsin-Yi Yu * and Brian G. M. Main Accounting and Finance Research
2012-04 研討會論文 Limited Attention, Salience, and Stock Returns Subrahmanyam, Avanidhar, Jason Wei, Hsin-Yi Yu*
2012-01 期刊論文 Where are the smart investors? New evidence of the smart money effect Yu, Hsin-Yi Journal of Empirical Finance
2011-11 研討會論文 Anchoring Bias and Value Strategy Chen, Li-Wen* and Hsin-Yi Yu
2010-10 期刊論文 Politically Connected Boards and the Structure of CEO Compensation Packages in Taiwanese Firms Hsin-Yi Yu Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies
2010-10 期刊論文 The Effect of Attention on Buying Behavior during a Financial Crisis: Evidence from the Taiwan Stock Exchange Yu, Hsin-Yi, and Shu-Fan Hsieh* International Review of Financial Analysis
2007-12 研討會論文 How do governments and financial institutions utilise boards to affect internationalisation in Japan and Taiwan? Hsin-Yi Yu  
2007-06 專書 Corporate Governance and Political Involvement in Japan and Taiwan Hsin-Yi Yu University of Edinburgh
2004--- 研討會論文 Corporate Governance in Government-Linked Companies – Control Driven or Performance Driven? Tai Ma * and Hsin-Yi Yu