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出版年月 著作類別 著作名稱 作者 收錄出處
2014-12 期刊論文 Estimation of Tail-related Value at Risk Measures: Range-based Extreme Value Approach Heng-Chih Chou, David K. Wang* Quantitative Finance (SSCI) (科技部/國科會財務領域A-級期刊)
2014-07 期刊論文 Going Private Transactions by U.S.-Listed Chinese Companies: What Drives the Premiums Paid? Yea-Mow Chen, Ying Sophie Huang*, David K. Wang, Chun-Chou Wu International Review of Economics and Finance (SSCI) (科技部/國科會財務領域B+級期刊)
2014-03 期刊論文 Global Contagion of Market Sentiment during the US Subprime Crisis Yen-Hsien Lee, Alan L. Tucker*, David K. Wang, Hsin-Ting Pao Global Finance Journal (Scopus) (科技部/國科會財務領域B+級期刊)
2014-03 其他 Informed Trading and Share Repurchases Konan Chan*, David K. Wang
2014-02 其他 Ownership Structure, Profitability Uncertainty, and Firm Performance: Evidence from Taiwan I-Ju Chen*, David K. Wang, and Hsiu-Chin Cheng
2014-01 其他 Information Content of Investors’ Trading Behavior: Evidence from Taiwan Options Market Yen-Hsien Lee, David K. Wang*, Che-Wei Chang
2012-08 期刊論文 Applying a Two-Step Maximum Likelihood Method to Examine the Deposit Insurance Program of Taiwan David K. Wang, Chun-Chou Wu*, Heng-Chih Chou Journal of Marine Science and Technology (SCI)
2011-06 期刊論文 The Predictive Performance of a Path-Dependent Exotic-Option Credit Risk Model in the Emerging Market Dar-Hsin Chen, Heng-Chih Chou*, David K. Wang, Rim Zaabar Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications (SCI)
2009-07 期刊論文 A Defaultable Callable Bond Pricing Model David Hua, Heng-Chih Chou, David K. Wang* Investment Management and Financial Innovations (Scopus) (科技部/國科會財務領域B級期刊)
2007-11 期刊論文 Performance of Default Risk Model with Barrier Option Framework and Maximum Likelihood Estimation: Evidence from Taiwan Heng-Chih Chou, David K. Wang* Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications (SCI)
2004-11 期刊論文 Estimating the Probabilities of Default for Callable Bonds: A Duffie-Singleton Approach David K. Wang Corporate Finance Review (Scopus) (科技部/國科會財務領域B級期刊)