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姓  名 楊琬如 Wan-Ru-Yang
學  歷 美國加州大學聖塔芭芭拉經濟學博士 
專  長 行為財務、賽局理論、個體經濟學
開設課程 個體經濟學、總體經濟學

聯絡方式 (07)5919711 研究室 M01-602

[1] Is Smart Money Really Smart? The relationship between Skill of Mutual Fund Investor and Trading Behavior of Mutual Fund Manager. 2013-2014. Ministry of Science and Technology. (102-2410-H-390-009-)
[2] The Influence of U.S. Stock Market and Investor Expectation in Dynamic Herding of Asian Markets. 2012-2013. Ministry of Science and Technology. (101-2410-H-390-005-)
[3] Multidimensional Uncertainty, Herd Behavior and the Information Role of Market Price. Ministry of Science and Technology. 2010-201.(99-2410-H-390-020-)
[4] The Cost of Information and Herd Behavior in Bank Runs. 2007-2009. Ministry of Science and Technology. (96-2415-H-390-005-MY2)

| Shih-Kuo Yeh, Chung-Ying Yeh,  Wan-Ru Yang*, and Kuo-Ming Lu, 2018. Is Systematic Liquidity Risk Priced in Taiwan Emerging Stock Market? Advances in Financial Planning and Forecasting, forthcoming. *代表通訊作者.

| Ming-Che Chuang, Wan-Ru Yang, Ming-Chi Chen and Shih-Kuei Lin , 2017. Pricing Mortgage Insurance Contracts under Housing Price Cycles with Jump Risk: Evidence from the U.K. Housing Market. European Journal of Finance, 1-38.

| Wen-Ming Szu and Wan-Ru Yang*, 2015. Influence of Individual Investor Sentiment on Taiwan Option Prices During 2007-2010 Financial Crisis. Managerial Finance, forthcoming. *代表通訊作者

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| Wan-Ru Yang, 2011. Herding with costly information and signal extraction. International Review of Economics and Finance 20, 624-632.